Marketing Strategy

Consider it Done

AICPL has the following expertise to market a product that is especially sensitive and highly technical:

  • AICPL has the capability to import and stock locally its agency products through its Group Companies, so as to cater to the needs of small and big customers. This helps to have a control over smooth distribution of the products and its market prices, avoiding self-competition.
  • In addition to AICPL’s own group distribution system, AICPL also appoints External Distributors, who are experienced, trustworthy, and honest. These external distributors can market the products according to the AICPL guidelines and strategy to keep control over products, market and the price.
  • Since AICPL has the control on every aspect, it can certainly meet the targets. The customers are also happy to deal through One Reliable Window. They have trust in buying through AICPL where they discuss their problems with their formulations, new ideas, and new developments with confidence and privacy.

Our Startup Year

Allied Impex Corporation Pvt. Limited is a part of the Allied Group, a family owned business. The Chairman Sheikh Mohammed Ebrahim (late), a chemical business tycoon, had founded this company in 1975 as an indenting house being an extended wing of Allied Group.


Private Limited Company

With the expansion of business, incorporated as private limited company


Centrally Located Office

Moved to a centrally located spacious office to accommodate increasing departments at Allied.

At a Glance

Plan for Large Portals

The emphasis on creativity and innovation is reflected in our recent pattern of growth. In April 2000, we became the first ISO 9000 Certified Chemical Indenting House in Pakistan. We have been focusing upon higher value added products and new potential trade opportunities.


Larger Achievments

AICPL wins from PCDMA, award for the "Best Chemical Indenting House in Pakistan"


Trade Performance

Received from PFBA, recognition award for "superior Business Performance" in the Phamaceutical and Veterinary raw material from France.


Our commitment to our client has turned into a winning habit.